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Would you like the chance to learn baby massage whilst meeting other new parents?
Baby massage classes are for babies from 6 weeks to 6 months old, any family member can attend (Mum, Dad, Grandparents etc)
Together you will learn the benefits of baby massage in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and have the chance to meet and share experiences with other parents.

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More course coming soon. Details to follow.

Each course is for four weeks where you learn how to massage, legs, arms, stomach, chest, back and face. Organic massage oil is provided.


Massage has many benefits for you and your baby, it can help to :

  • strengthen bonding.
  • relieve wind and colic.
  • reduce anxiety in babies
  • Improve communication between you and your baby.

Each week you will learn to massage new body parts leading up to full body massage.

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